I was asked once if top sales performers share similar characteristics, and if I think these traits can be learned. My answer is YES and ABSOLUTELY!

Here are 5 of them:

  1. Relentless- They rarely give up. They keep trying even after they have been told "no" several times.

  2. Self-Critical- They are always harder on themselves than a manager ever would be. Even when they are #1 they want to know how to out perform themselves next year!

  3. Hard-Working - They are the first ones out in the field or on the phones and the last one working. They always want to get in front of a client before the rush of sales reps. They know that their clients work late, so they don't mind waiting later to see them.

  4. Good Listeners- They ask a lot of questions and learn a lot about their clients so they don't waste a client's time or require the staff to do extra things because they weren't paying attention.

  5. Detailed-Oriented - When they set up an event, they run through every scenario possible. They double/triple check the food, nail down the perfect venue, and stop by hours before the event to confirm the table is set correctly. They don't leave anything to chance and their audience comes to expect a great event and typically turnout is big.


There are many other characteristics of successful Top Performers, however these stick out in my mind as essential. You don't have to be born with them, but you can certainly develop them if you want to succeed in sales!

What other characteristics do you think make a Top Sales Performer? If you are a Sales Manager let me know in the comments what you think are important!



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