I really think you can look professional and stylish without breaking the bank when you are starting out in Sales. Over the years, I have shopped everywhere from Ross, Kohl’s, and deep discount stores when I was just starting out to top designers and retailers when I could afford to splurge as an Executive.  I can tell you that if you only shop at high end stores and you are making 50k-65k, you will be spending too much on clothes. I used to see younger reps buying Louis Vuitton bags and dresses at full price but only making 50k. This is not the smart way to shop when you are starting out. You may need to save for a down payment on a condo, or trying to pay off school debt still.  So how to do you look good without looking cheap??The key is to buy affordably priced timeless pieces such slacks, jackets, tops, skirts in neutral colors like black, white, brown, gray, and navy blue. Ross, Kohl’s, and even Target has decent key basics you can shop. I did a little digging and found the following at Kohl’s. Most on sale and very affordable! Here is a link to get you started Kohl’s Wardrobe Basics

Here are the main staples that every Saleswoman needs in her wardrobe:

1 black dress
1 navy dress
1 gray dress
4 pairs slacks (black, gray, beige, off white)
4 tops in bright popping colors (2 button down, 2 shell tanks to wear with jackets)
2 sweater and shell sets (bright colors)
3 skirts (1 pencil,2 regular)
4 jackets (black, gray, beige, and navy blue)

Please don’t buy everything at once! Try instead to buy something from each category each week or month until you have a full wardrobe. Once you have the staples purchased, you can now do some fun splurges. Accessories, bags, shoes, jewelry, and planners, are all areas where you can really show your style. The great thing is that you can use the money you saved in buying affordable pieces to spend a bit more to get the “trendy or popular” purse, phone case, necklace, or planner that you see your higher ups (with higher salaries) are buying. Stay tuned for more ideas on how to shop smart and look great!

Happy Shopping!


2 thoughts on “How can you get a fashionable but affordable professional wardrobe?

  1. Awesome post! I really need to get some more professional pieces for my wardrobe. I didn’t have a clue though! Thanks!

    1. I’m so glad you found it helpful. I think the key is getting basics that last season after season and then splurge and and some great accessories that are fun, fancy, or just a “must have”! Jewelry, Sunglasses, Planners, Scarves, Purse/Briefcase is something that will accompany every outfit you wear!! Enjoy!

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