Are You Cut Out For A Career In Sales?

Sales? You? Why not? We all sell something don’t we? Even my daughter started selling Girl Scout Cookies at age 5! Even if you aren’t selling a product, you may have to sell an idea, a concept, or a product. If you think, I don’t “do Sales”, I’m a Project Manager or an Engineer. Guess what my friend, you are selling! Everyone is held accountable to some kind of metric, number, goal, revenue, profit margin, all of which require some type of selling. Selling is all about relationships with people! So we’ve pretty much covered that you are likely selling something already, and the question you have to ask yourself is, how good am I at it? If you are constantly butting heads with someone, constantly being sidetracked, or just plain ignored, you may need some Sales Coaching.

If you already have a career in Sales and actually sell a product, whether it’s a consumer product, a medical device, fitness equipment, subscription services, or IT parts on Ebay, you really need to know how to relate to your customer (people). Some people are afraid of selling because they say they “can’t handle rejection”. The funny thing is you are probably already being rejected and you may not even realize what it is. ¬†Unfortunately, there are people who are really talented at selling, but are being held back because of two little letters “N-O”. If you stay awhile, you will learn that “NO” is not the worst thing you can hear if you are going to sell for a living. No is actually when a sale starts believe it or not. No can mean that they don’t know how your idea, product, or concept will work for them YET. You will get to “Yes” if you stick around but it takes time, skills, and persistence. Consider me your personal Sales Coach. I have done this for a long time and I know what it takes to succeed and how to handle the ins and outs of a career in Sales. ¬†I think that you might just surprise yourself, why wouldn’t you be cut out for a career in sales? Someone is going to do the job and get paid for it…why not you??



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