1.   is the first tool I recommend to any sales person. This is a very old book, VERY OLD! However it was written by a man who did a thorough study of the most successful people of the time and he explains what they all had in common in becoming successful and wealthy too! Many very successful friends of mine have applied the laws in this book and have created very successful businesses after creating a "mastermind" group which is discussed in this book. I actually think that this idea is similar to the subscription "master groups" that exist on Youtube and Facebook. The concept is that 2 or more like-minded people meet regularly together and the successful ideas come from those meetings. One of the best examples of a mastermind comes from two unknown guys who made a computer in their garage in the 1970's, remember them? No doubt they were creating something that would change the world but they had to bounce ideas off of each other in order to be successful.

The Law of Success is also available on Amazon Audible 

2. A good paper calendar/planner is the second tool that I think every salesperson should invest in. The Queen of Planning, Erin Condren makes a planner for sale on Amazon for $45 called which is a great option if you are a paper person and do not have thumbs that move at the speed of light. You need a calendar that has monthly spreads with boxes large enough to write events down. You also need to see your week at one glance and you need a daily planner with half hour increments for appointments. Also don't use a fancy pen unless it's erasable, stick with a pencil. You will be changing dates, times, and you need to quickly change appointments.

 3. A professional social media image is the third tool that you will need. You don't want to have potential clients look for you on social media as you post pictures of yourself in your new bikini, endless pics of your pets, or with your family on vacation at DisneyWorld. You should have a professional LinkedIn profile, a Twitter handle, and Facebook profile. You definitely want to check with your company to see if it is allowed and appropriate for you to post on various social media platforms. The main reason to have a professional profile is so that you can engage with your current clients and potential clients on their websites, blogs, and associations/organizations. Your clients may have a blog that you can comment, like, or mention when you see them. They are more likely to listen to you if they know you are listening and following them. Finally, make sure you have a professional email address with no nicknames, funny sayings, or strange words. You want your name and company such as msmith@widget.com or mary.smith@gmail.com.

What do you consider to be your "must have" tools as a Sales Rep or a Sales Manager? Let me know in the comments.

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